ONS Frankfurt provides a full range of services for the projecting, supply, construction and commissioning of oil and gas and industrial facilities of various levels of complexity. The group of companies performs “turnkey solutions” work, and also actively participates in joint projects for the implementation of projects for industrial and civil facilities.


ONS Frankfurt performs the full scope of work on the integrated projecting of facilities for the preparation, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, industrial facilities, as well as civilian facilities and infrastructure.

In addition, the company performs legalization and adaptation of foreign projects in accordance with international norms and standards.


In order to effectively implement projects, ONS Frankfurt supplies modern equipment and the latest materials from the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. Based on international best practices, the company has developed and successfully implemented its own procurement system. The company also pays great attention to the logistics direction, which includes the provision of brokerage services.


ONS Frankfurt Group has all necessary resources for the construction of oil and gas and industrial facilities, including “turnkey solutions” construction of complex technological facilities.


The experienced staff of ONS Frankfurt is able to carry out commissioning of oil, gas and industrial facilities of any complexity. The company offers both complex and individual commissioning works.