Airdrome trucks

"TREPEL" Germany

TREPEL airport equipment meets the GSE requirements of modern airports with a full range of GSE products. Over the past 10 years, TREPEL has also become a recognized manufacturer of aircraft trucks. All family tractors Challenger, CHALLENGER consisting of 150, 200, 280, 430, 550 and 700 are able to serve all commercial and military aircraft, until the Airbus A380 and AN225.

"FRESIA" Italy

For more than 60 years, FRESIA has specialized in the development and manufacture of trucks used in cities and airports around the world. All FRESIA products are created to exacting standards and are of outstanding quality available at a competitive price. The company’s production is concentrated in three factories: Cengio, Millesimo and Niella Tanaro, equipped with the latest computerized operations centers capable of ensuring high reliability of the products.