Milling equipment for mining industry

CITIC Heavy Industries Company Ltd is part of the largest Chinese corporation CITIC Group and owns a heavy machinery plant in Luoyang. The plant produces mining and processing equipment (crushers, mills), equipment for metallurgy, foundry products and others. The plant is equipped with a center for the manufacture and processing of low-speed gears for high loads, as well as a center for casting and heat treatment of metal.


  • Crushing equipment (jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers);
  • Crushing and screening equipment;
  • Grinding equipment (dressing equipment);
  • Cement mills (vertical cement mills, limestone mills with drying);
  • Coal mills;
  • Raw mills;
  • Ore grinding mills (ball mills, autogenous grinding, semi-autogenous grinding);
  • Gas cleaning equipment (scrubbers);
  • Rotary kilns (for cement, mining and metallurgical industries), spare parts and components for kilns;
  • Roller-press;
  • Lifts and stopping systems;
  • Coal quality improvement systems;
  • Spare parts and accessories


Sizes and main technical characteristics of ball mills with central discharge:


Drum diameter, mm

from 900 to 8500

Drum diameter, mm

from 1200 – 2200 to 11100 – 16200

Useful drum volume, cbm

from 0.6 – 1.2 to 628 – 897

Maximum load of balls, t

1 – 2 to 847 – 1210

Working speed of rotation, rpm

from 34.8 – 39.5 to 10.3 – 11.2

Main electric motor power, kW

from 7 – 14 to 14800 – 23600