Vacuum cleaning machines

"DULEVO" Italy

This manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of harvesting equipment. Its offices are located in 70 countries. DULEVO International has become a leader in its field thanks to the continuous introduction of innovative technologies that allow improving and modernizing equipment. One of the company’s activities is the development of methods to improve the environmental situation. The DULEVO International lineup includes both large main vacuum cleaners and small hand-held machines. No manufacturer can compare with Dulevo in terms of the variety of the offered assortment. The technique called DULEVO is actively used in airports, seaports and the FORMULA 1 Grand Prix.


The superior capabilities of the Autobren Heavy Duty Cleaner are used on airfields that occupy runways, where a thorough and fast cleanup ensures safe airport use. Numerous sales have allowed the product to develop and gain appreciation in the Northern European market, where the purifier is also used for snow removal.