Vermeer Terrain Levelers

The modern mining method using Terrain Leveler® miners will reduce the cost of production at the field, improve the safety of operations, improve the quality of the extracted raw materials, obtain the final product directly at the bottom, therefore, abandon the expensive drilling and blasting method, primary and secondary crushing of raw materials before shipment to crushing -sorting and processing plant. Modern Vermeer Terrain Leveler® miners are designed to selectively mine minerals in an open cut, opening the ground from top to bottom, allowing you to reach the layers of valuable minerals and extract the maximum amount of minerals from the ground. The Terrain Leveler are designed to efficiently mine rock up to 180 MPa.

Terrain Leveler T1255III with chain drive

Weight 112 000 kg
Width 370 cm
Drum width 370 cm
Cutting depth 68 cm
Drum angle +-5 grad.
Drum weight 43 000 kg

T1255III Terrain Leveler Direct Drive

Weight 120 000 kg
Width 512 cm
Drum width 370 cm
Cutting depth 51 cm
Drum angle +-5 grad.
Drum weight 52 000 kg

Vermeer T1655 Terrain Leveler

Height range 510.5 cm without handrails
Weight range 185 973 kg
Width range 620 cm